Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

Santa says have a great Holiday Week! This Santa was at Bayfield, but not Bayfield Wisconsin but Bayfield Ontario. He was in the Christmas parade that they have each year. Santa already arrived in Bayfield Wisconsin on the Ferry last week. Nobody knows however where he is staying in Bayfield until Christmas Eve? Where are the reindeer hidden?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Madeline Island Ferry

The Madeline Island Ferry is still making runs back and forth to the island. There are some chunks of ice in the channel but not yet iced up. There should be some sort of charity raffle each year guessing the last date of the ferry running for the season? Perhaps there is a raffle? If not that would be something that would be interesting. Guess the date of the last run! It might not be too long from now as it's pretty chilly at night. Perhaps a few more weeks?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big wind

A portion of U.S. Highway 2 in Ashland County was closed because of extreme weather conditions on Saturday the Ashland County Highway Department reported. The highway was declared impassable at 2:51 p.m. from Ashland to the state Highway 13 turnoff to Bayfield. As travelers to Bayfield know the wind can just howl across HWY 2 near the end of Chequamegon Bay. Years ago ice was piled so high from the bay on the highway it had to be removed with a snowplow when the wind broke it up.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big storm

A big winter storm is closing in on the Midwest for today. Overnight there is the chance of 6-7 inches in Bayfield and much much more to the south. Park Falls could possibly get 18" of snow! Incredible amounts of snow. There has been talk among friends about where is the coldest area in Wisconsin? It always seems to be around Park Falls or Rhinelander. That cold will be seen again on Sunday night into Monday.The deepest snow always is just south of the Hurley area in the little villages of Upson and Montreal Wi. Bayfield near the lake seems to be protected from the lake effect snows due to its location. But not always of course as Bob Dylan says, it all depends which way the wind blows.

The Exact Phrase:

Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues, 1965, encouraged the young to make their own decisions with the lines:

You don't need a weather man
To know which way the wind blows

Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Visit to Bayfield

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive on the Madeline Island Ferry, Saturday December 11th.
Location: Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion, 2 E Front Street, Bayfield WI.
Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive in Bayfield on the Madeline Island Ferry. Upon arrival, kids can meet Santa, have a picture taken in the Lakeside Pavilion, receive a 'goody bag' from Mrs. Claus and lunch compliments of the Bayfield Chamber and Visitor Bureau.
Time: 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM
Santa will be bringing something else along, a big snow storm! Winter is here and the Christmas will be very white.