Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is here.

Christmas is here only when Santa arrives on the Ferry. Apparently in the Northland the reindeer are left at home. Who knew that Santa lived in La Pointe? Perhaps he was a Voyageur that grew old to take on a new role in life?


Anonymous said...

Is that the real Santa Claus, or an impostor? There seem to be so many of them about - surely they can't all be real? said...

The real Santa lives in La Pointe
and was a voyageur in another life. He has sled dogs instead
of reindeer. said...

ARTSBAYFIELDALMANAC@BLOGSPOT.COM has replaced the Chamber's Bayfield Almanac. I continue to write in the same vein as before, with a little more commentary. I would appreciate
your checking it out and then linking to it if you can. The old Bayfield Almanac is no longer being written.
Art Ode
Bayfield, WI said...

I shall update my links!
You have a wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

That Santa is far too thin
to be the real deal.

I believe he is a fake also. said...

Bayfield Santa's are the real
deal, they just are more active then most due to all of Bayfield's
winter sports.