Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wind Sled Season has started

What is a Wind Sled? Or Ice Boat? Its what is used to get back and forth to Madeline Island when the ferry boats are no longer able to get through the ice. Until the ice is thick enough to support cars this is the only way back and forth to the island. Of course you can use a ATV or Snowmobile but that can be risky as one ATV rider found last week. He jumped clear as his ATV sunk. There is shifting ice and pressure cracks until the ice is very thick. I would think at least a foot would be required for a car to pass safely. Last year it did get to be two feet thick. Still a very odd feeling to be in the middle of the channel in a car. Pictured is the new and the old Wind sleds. And for information on when you can ride one to the island:For updates on the wind sleds and the ice road, call 715–747–5400 any time for a recorded message.

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