Saturday, March 13, 2010

The ferry service starts early

The ice softened with the warm weather and the ferry busted it's way to Madeline island.
It took hours but a river of water is open.This is very early but not really sure how early? The records would be interesting to view. I know one year it ran all winter. That might have been 1998?

FOX 21 News

BAYFIELD - Just one week ago, cars were traveling the ice road between Bayfield and Madeline Island. But thanks to the recent warm, wet weather, ferry boats are now making the trip.

The Madeline Island Ferry Line's Web site says the Island Queen made that first trip of the season Thursday through the broken–up ice. The trip took three hours.

It ends three weeks of wind sled and ice road traffic. The ice road was closed last weekend after just one week of operation.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures above were taken last year.