Friday, April 22, 2011

Last weekend hopefully the last snow?

Last weekend in Bayfield was windy,snowy and sunny. It was a bit of everything all in one weekend. I enjoy weather so it was all a positive to me. But I'm certain that folks are hoping it's the last snow seen until next fall. The wind was blowing in some nice waves on Bayview Beach and a lone deer was in the snowy woods looking for a handout. The bears are being reported in the area on porches and in a garage. time to keep the door shut and make sure there are no bird feeders hanging from porches. They seem to find them no matter where they are hung. They are really interesting creatures with the best sense of smell ever. I read they can smell something good to eat three miles away. I hope to see one again this spring. Last year I saw a monster of a bear that really took me by surprise when I looked up from the smaller female that was grazing in the ditch. The big bruin was just at the edge of the woods looking down the bank.

When bears first come out from hibernation I read they like to eat grass as other food sources are still hard to find. That is the reason they come into town looking for good things to eat.

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