Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bayview Beach area paddle about

Bayview Beach just south of Bayfield on HWY 13 is a wonderful spot for walk or just relaxing. Recently we took the kayaks and paddled up the Sioux River until we met with fallen trees.

Then we paddled the mouth of the river and up and down the coast. This is good for me, our kayaks are not huge composite models that are expensive. They are just poly plastic and recreation models. It gives us a great view of the shoreline and a feel of the power of the huge lake. Recently a kayaker died when crossing from Sand Island to Little Sand Bay. That really drives home the point that the lake is cold and dangerous. The 1- 1 1/2 foot waves we encountered were plenty for us. We did have spray shirts and basic safety items. I can't imagine being in four foot waves that the kayaker in Sand Bay had dealt with before spilling over.

It is a expensive sport that requires training and common sense. I see too many people going to Gander Mountain and buying a open kayak and thinking they are all ready to go. If you do this just stay along the shore of Bayview beach. You can walk right into shore if you dump and are cold.

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