Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lee's Shoe Store 1950's Main Street

Back in the 1950's Lee's Shoe Store was the place to get your Hush Puppies. This old postcard takes us back to the days when you got shoes from your local shoe man and not a Walmart. You put your foot into the special sizing tool made from stainless steel with the size markings. He would measure the width and length of your foot to insure proper fit. It was a profession in the 1950's. I'm sure all customers were greeted by name and had a long term relationship with their shoe store man. Now our shoes are made in China. Of course it's a opinion on changes today!
If we lose our Professions then what are we left with?


Anonymous said...

A low paying service economy.
It has happened already.

Anonymous said...

Those WERE the days my friend! We had several shoe stores in my home town and both owners were able to make a good living. I even recall a large unit that you stood on and slipped your foot under an opening in the front. It revealed a skeletal image of your feet and enabled the salesman to see if you had any unusual foot problems and helped him to ensure a good fit. Yes, the shopowners in the past always knew their customers well.

Anonymous said...

Like Grandma's big bunion.

hector said...

What a great image. Thanks for the informations.