Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Carnival Weekend Madness!

The winter carnival weekend was nice and sunny but it was still too chilly to be jumping into 29 degree Lake Superior water. The run on the ice road to Madeline Island and back was followed by the Polar Plunge in the afternoon. It was a sunny 18 degrees but then the wind picked up a bit and the windchill made for some cold plungers. I would think your feet would really suffer barefoot on that ice waiting to jump. But 50 people did so and raised alot of money for the Rec Center. That is my nephew bundled up for the raw wind.


Anonymous said...

You had to be there! That "Cold Duck" even laid an egg before taking the plunge. There were many brave souls that took the plunge. Not me! You have to give those folks credit...for doing such a feat and then to raise so much money for the Bayfield Recreation Center! That "Ducky" Jo Bailey is something else.....son Alex joined her this year. That is LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Thats called a Plucky Ducky!

Anonymous said...

Those people are crazy!