Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reiten Boat Yard Gardens

Just a wonderful garden so I thought I'd add another shot of the work being done to make Bayfield more beautiful. Get off of the Main street and stroll around town. There are many interesting things to see.


Anonymous said...

I drove by those gardens today and they are even more beautiful than the photographs portray....they are among the neatest old boats! The photos are great but its great to see them in person!

Chip Drewry said...

Where's the old Gar How? I remember years ago, Halvor Reiten used to have an old Century Coronado with a 413 in it. Is that still around?

Thanks for the link to AIN, I will in turn add you to my blogroll and give you a plug or two. Have a great day. Very nice site. said...

I'm not sure where the Gar How
went to? I have driven onto and backed off of that old ferry many
times in the past when it was in operation. The old boatyard is very interesting. There still is a few older boats along the old railway bed on the way to Seagull Bay. I wish I'd paid more attention to when things were removed or when ferries were taken out of service. I will have to go to my old pictures to figure it out.

Chip Drewry said...

Thanks for the info. I remember Halvor himself, quite a unique fellow. I also remember when "Captain Davis" who used to run the Madeline Island Marina, when it was a Chris Craft dealership, bought the old Belle Isle Super Bearcat for 1500 bucks from Halvor, which at one time was Horace Dodge's boat.

I never rode on "the old Gar How", that was before my time.

If you find some old pics, I'd love to see them. Thanks again for your time.