Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunset Deer

Standing in the middle of the road with the sun setting behind was a doe.The wildlife this weekend was everywhere. Fox,deer and many bear. Spotted one 400lb male bear right near Bayfield's city limits. Saw other smaller bears. The local residents of Bayfield are well aware of the bears and their paths into and out of town. Big papa bear was very curious, I talked to him from the safety of the car window and he just looked at me from 25 yards away. A bear that size really makes you think.I wasn't going for a walk that was for certain. I got a picture but it was very near dusk and I only got his backside.

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Anonymous said...

We live not far from Bayfield. We had a "Bambi" fawn in our meadow this cute and wobbley! Mama was close at hand. We are seeing a lot of animals on the move this month.