Monday, July 13, 2009

Sail Fest 2009

Sailfest is July 18th 2009
The race goes around Basswood Island and back to the channel in front of Bayfield.
Boats of all sizes and shapes are allowed and they handicap for placement I understand.
No matter how the race is run it's just fun and wonderful to see on the bay. The link is on the bottom of this posting for registration.


Andrew Slade said...

We're coming to Bayfield on Sunday and Monday...maybe we'll catch a bit of the Sail Fest.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised, there weren't as many boats as I expected. But was it nice weather! Really a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh...Bayfield in July! One never knows what to expect from mother nature! Really, it was beautiful weather for hiking Madeline Island's Point Trail. Our sail on Sarah's Joy with Animaashi was gusty and most enjoyable as was our kayaking on the Sioux and along Bayview Beach and points south. Overall a very "cool" weekend spent with family & friends.