Tuesday, February 23, 2010


No not Fiddler on the Roof........

But a Chequamegon sunrise. If your unlucky enough to be sleeping poorly you are treated to a nice sunrise at least. And you can always go back to bed. Some people are morning people and some are night owls. Myself I'd rather see a sunset and then stars in the wee hours.
The ice on the bay is thick and there are many ice fisherman on the bay.
The Ashland side of the bay is ready for travel. Fishermen report there is good ice on the Ashland side of the Bay. The Washburn side of the bay is now ready for all travel. Reports of "pressure ridges" do exist on both sides of the bay. You are advised to not cross the pressure ridges. The fishing guides remind you to not take machines on either end of the breakwall and to call ahead for ice fishing reports. Area fishing guides and bait shops know when and where the ice has safely formed. In general: there are many good fishing opportunities going on right now.

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Anonymous said...

More than worth it to be up and enjoy the beauty of the early morning sunrise. Awesome as well as the full moon on Chequamegon Bay.