Thursday, October 20, 2011

Legendary Waters Casino, Bayfield Wi.

While not a gambler, I do enjoy a nice lunch with a incredible view. I found the burger and sweet potato fries just excellent. Really nice burger. And my gosh, what a view! Just wonderful to sit there and look out that window. In the summertime that deck will be very popular. I'm going to try a dinner next time. The building is very nice and I think they will do very very well. In other news our forecast for winter looks rough. But we are due for a real old fashion winter. The kind that Grandpa talks about.

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Anonymous said...

Been there.....done that.....and YES the view is spectacular!!!! The lunch was very good and Yes the casino, dining and lodge should do very well. However....the "Legendary Waters Casino" is located on the Red Cliff Indian Reservation...just west of Bayfield Wisconsin. The view is outstanding....they have a "primo" location.