Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Embarrassing for our good state.

State Troopers are looking to crack down on drunk driving, regardless of who you may be.
In the past week, both Wisconsin Representative Jeff Wood and Bayfield Police Chief Ellis Casper were arrested for suspected OWI, showing no one is above the law.The Wisconsin State Patrol says they're out to protect the public from anyone who may be dangerous on the roadways.
"The reason these laws are in place are to protect the safety of everybody, and it really doesn't give any exemption to any particular individual," says Lt. Timothy Carnahan with the Wisconsin State Patrol.


Anonymous said...

Drinking culture in Wisconsin alive and well.

Anonymous said...

It's frankly embarrassing to admit living in a state that tolerates the offenses of the drunken drivers. The endangerment to the public and the terrible losses to loved ones of family members who are innocently killed by them. When is the state going to penalize them from the first offense before repetition causes harm? Alchol consumption in our state is way out of line.

Anonymous said...

What is worse is the lack of understanding of the problem.
Until of course somebody is killed.
The area is tarnished right now with the Big Top Director and now the Police Chief.