Monday, September 21, 2009

Monster Bruin shot near Bayfield

There are unconfirmed pictures floating around the Internet of a 639 pound Black Bear shot just outside of Bayfield. This is interesting as I spotted a huge bear this summer and the police have twice chased a huge bear out of town with their squad car. But this bear seems to be much much larger! The all time world record Black Bear was shot near Glidden Wi. in 1963 and that bear weighed 665 lbs and can be seen near the Glidden Fire Station in a display. What else is walking around the Chequamegon National Forest? Really makes you think. The hunter pictured looks like a young Matt Damon I think. Still waiting for details in the Ashland Daily Press or another newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Please see for full story. Possible state record?

Anonymous said...

Possible State skull record I have read today.

Eric Hjerstedt Sharp said...

What kind of details do you desire? It was a big beautiful bear BBB and it was killed. Judging by the smile on the hunter's face it was a warm bear rug and a big bear hug even if he didn't have the balls to approach it while he was alive.

I wonder if the dogs had as much fun. Just keep em off my property. Somehow, someway these idiots that collar their dogs and send them into wolf den country think they are above the law. Ever heard of dog-at-large ordinance ... every county almost everywhere has them.

Curb your dogs, and don't go whining to the DNR when they get chewed on.