Friday, January 15, 2010

Ice and the Ferry

While the Ferry isn't visible in this picture at the moment it's certainly still running. The channel between Bayfield and Madeline Island is icing up now but not thick enough to stop the ferry boats. We have had some cold nights but this weekend is to be quite pleasant for January and looks to be mild next week also. How long will the ferry run this year? Will there be a ice road this season or will it be too warm for the channel to freeze thick enough? We have what is called a El Nino season says NOAA. People in the Southern parts of the US are complaining about record cold this year. People are stating where is Global Warming now? Some are calling it all a complete hoax. There is no Global Warming or Climate Change. That green thing is just some sort of fad. But wait? I have heard a High School Student from Bayfield got a Scholarship to UW Madison and one of the reasons was his study using the Bayfield Ferry records. The records go way back and recorded freeze up and when the ferry stopped running and when it started up again in the spring. There was a year when the ferry never stopped. While this is not the complete evidence that we have Global warming it certainly tells us we have something happening. In my short life I know winters are not getting more severe. The story of the Bayfield Student made the Star Newspaper if you wish to learn more:

But after all we don't need to be concerned with this stuff, Twiggy the Water skiing squirrel is going to be at the Boat Show.


Anonymous said...

"In my short life"? Come on, you've got to be seventy years old if you're a day.

Anonymous said...

Age is just a mental thing.
Your as young as you feel.

Imagine saying your so old you have
seen the climate change.

Anonymous said...

I love squirrels, they are fuzzy gifts from God. They come to my feeded each morning and I watch them while I have my coffee. They are so cute.