Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ice Sunday

A good program on Wisconsin Public Television on Sunday mornings is called InWisconsin.Hosted by Patty Loew of the Bad River Tribe. The program highlights issues in Wisconsin and stories around the state. The first link below is Lake Superior Ice Formations in Bayfield County. The second link is about Ice Research being done by the UW. This study shows the ice freeze up and conditions of inland lakes over periods of time. The study has gone on for many years on Madison lakes and 25 years at the Trout Lake research station in Vilas County. And yes the durations of time the lakes are frozen in the winter are declining. There seems to be some sort of warming taking place.


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Pretty weak ice formations. Come on - get off the beach and walk along the brownstone cliffs near Houghton Falls north of Washburn and really see the "ice formations" caused by the wind and water, not sand and snow.