Thursday, April 5, 2012

Already into April

Bayview Beach

Trees leafing out

And just like that the spring has arrived early and trees are leafing out. Allergy sufferers well know this if you are bothered by tree pollen. Counts are very high. Certain trees effect different people I've noticed. One day somebody is sneezing while others aren't bothered until later.Different trees releasing pollen at different times of course. Oak tree pollen seems to bother me.Spring never was much of a problem allergy wise but it's worse now that is gets warm so fast and just bursts forth all at once. I'll take the early spring pollen and all. It's fantastic and while Bayfield in Bloom isn't until May the Daffodils are blooming already. Nobody told them that Garden Talk at the Pavilion isn't until May. Wisconsin Public Radio does that program each year in Bayfield in May. The host does own a cabin in Bayfield County. We are gaining daylight very fast now. Soon the beach will be full of people again.

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