Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sulfide minerals in soil near Mellen Wi.

It was reported today on the news that soil samples near Mellen Wisconsin showed that there were sulfide minerals. These minerals are quite toxic to ground water and streams. So if you dig a open pit mine and disturb the soil you release these minerals. You have to have containment barriers and holding ponds or?? You can't have them seeping into the local rivers and streams
that drain into lake Superior. We came so close to having a open pit mine in Northern Wisconsin. Were these things considered? I have no idea? Was there a environmental plan to prevent this if the Mining Bill passed? I sure hope so! Below is a picture of a stream that has been effected. Imagine that in Northern Wisconsin? Jobs Jobs Jobs was the cry but is it really worth the risk?
Below is a link that shows more information about drainage from a mine. What does all this have to do with Bayfield? Tourism and the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior are key to Bayfield
and all of the region.

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