Saturday, April 21, 2012

Traveling with web cams and weather.

We always want to be where we aren’t. Thankfully we have web cams online. You can now check the progress of the Ashland Ore Dock removal, who is parked at the Pier Restaurant in downtown Bayfield and the weather. The weather I find interesting. Bayfield it seems has it’s own micro climate. Of course that isn’t news to the Apple growers or berry growers behind Bayfield on the hill. They know that the climate is greatly effected by the lake and the fact they are located on the side of the hills. The concern lately is the early warm up followed by some chilly nights and even some snow.
You don’t want a too early apple blossom event followed by a freeze. Apples in Bayfield are a huge part of the local economy. The largest festival is Apple Fest of course. And if you don’t have a web cam in your area it’s because nobody wants to be there.

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